On 18th August 2018, “Flinders Island Meat” became “Flinders + Co.”



About Us

Flinders + Co. is a food service meat distribution company.

But we’re also a family company with farming roots.

We’re a dedicated team with a bold vision for the future. We’re leaders and listeners, collaborators and innovators, partners and suppliers. We want to do more than simply ‘sell meat’.

We want to help Cultivate a Better Food World.





Flinders + Co. started life as a boutique lamb brand – “Flinders Island Meat“.

Founded by David Madden in 2010, he took a giant leap of faith by moving to a small island in the middle of Bass Strait.

A Big Change

By 2018, Flinders Island Meat had grown to distribute not just our own lamb, but a portfolio of other outstanding producers to food service customers in Victoria.

A new name, and a new vision was needed.

A Better World

Flinders + Co is that new name. To Cultivate a Better Food World is that new vision.

It was born out of an inherent desire to do good. But also from an awareness that more than ever – consumers care – and are willing to follow brands they believe in.

Four Pillars

Our vision drives every decision we make as a business. And our Four Pillars of ‘Cultivate Better’ define how we hope to help achieve that vision.

Our success is measured by the projects we complete that fit under these Four Pillars.


Our brand partners are a reflection of ourselves. We have cultivated close relationships with processors, farmers and producers, many for almost a decade. We’re proud to represent them and tell their stories. Here are just a few:

Flinders Island Saltgrass Lamb

Flinders Island, Tasmania.

Where it all started. The island’s pastures are rich in oceanic minerals that lends our Saltgrass Lamb a special and unique flavour.

Cape Grim

Smithton, Tasmania.

The pinnacle of 100% Grass Fed Beef. Hormone Free. Antibiotic Free. GMO Free. A minimum marble score 2+, and flavour to boot.

Robbins Island

Robbins Island, Tasmania.

The Hammond family were one
of the first to bring wagyu genetics to Australia. Their unique family farm on Robbins Island, and the beef they produce, is a truly iconic farming story.

Rosedale Ruby Beef

Central New South Wales.

Sam McNiven and James Millner run a unique family business. Charolais X Angus, raised on their farm, finished in their feedlot, with mostly their grain. A rare traceability for grain feed beef.

Nichols Ethical Free Range Chicken

Sassafras, Tasmania.

From the on-site wind turbine, to the mobile sheds for his ethical free-range chooks, Rob Nichols is one of the most passionate farmers you’ll ever meet.

Bass Strait Beef

Gippsland, Victoria.

Bass Strait Beef is processed at Moe in Central Gippsland. Hung using the special “natural method” the resulting beef is consistently more tender.

Borrowdale Pork

Goondiwindi, Queensland.

Borrowdale Pork is produced on the Ladner Family Farm about 4 hours west of Brisbane. Pigs are free to forage and wallow, exhibiting natural behaviours that helped Borrowdale win best pork in Australia in 2018.

Flinders Select

Selected and Seasonal Producers.

Flinders Select is our in-house brand. Designed to hit a sharp price point, but still retain the same values and ethos that can be found across our range of branded products.

Mandagery Creek Venison

Orange, NSW.

Tim and Sophie Hansen source grass fed red deer from their spectacular farm in Orange NSW, and also work with a close knit community of venison farmers across NSW and Victoria.

Cape Grim, North-west Tasmania.


We have a big vision, but we understand that it’s the little details that really matter.

Consistency, reliability, and a “get it done” attitude. We’re here to help make it happen.

Portion Cutting

You need precision, consistency and certainty.
We have the facilities, we have the expertise. We can help with any and all portion cutting requirements.

Dry Ageing

Our state of the art “Meat Cellar” is a special place where only the best pieces of meat are allowed to go.
30 days later they become a stunning dry aged steak.

Flexible Ordering

Order how it suits you.
Email, Phone, SMS, online platform or carrier pigeon.
We’re here to make it easy for you.

Dedicated Deliveries

6 days a week delivery to the Melbourne Metro area, and regular regional delivery runs.
Order by midnight for next day delivery to most areas.

Staff Training

Using the best produce is only one side of the story, communicating it to diners is just as important. We’re here to help you build that compelling narrative.

Producer Visits

We’re passionate about sharing the incredible stories of our producers. There’s no better way than getting your boots dirty and hearing it from them first hand.

Saltgrass Lamb, Flinders Island, Tasmania.