Our Journey

Flinders + Co. is a premium meat supplier, production and distribution company.

We’re also a Victorian family company with farming roots.

But we aren’t just butchers; we are chefs, growers, meat merchants, drivers, packers and business professionals, bridging the gap between farm to kitchen. Dedicated to supporting Australian chefs, restaurants and venues –  for the love of meat.

James and David Madden


Flinders + Co. started life as a boutique lamb brand – “Flinders Island Meat“.

Founded by David Madden in 2010, he took a giant leap of faith by moving to a small island in the middle of Bass Strait.


A Big Change

By 2018, Flinders Island Meat had grown to distribute not just our own lamb, but a portfolio of other outstanding producers to chefs in Victoria.

A new name, and a new vision was needed.


A Better World

Flinders + Co is that new name. To Cultivate a Better Food World is that new vision.

It was born out of an inherent desire to do good. But also from an awareness that more than ever – consumers care – and are willing to follow brands they believe in.


Four Pillars

Our vision drives every decision we make as a business. And our Four Pillars of ‘Cultivate Better’ define how we hope to help achieve that vision.

Our success is measured by the projects we complete that fit under these Four Pillars.

Our Friends