About Flinders + Co. Kids

We’re not just suppliers of some of Australia’s best meat to the top restaurants in the land.

We’re also parents! And as parents, we’ve experienced the difficulty that dinner time can cause with little ones!

And so we’ve designed a bespoke range of retail meat products, featuring low sodium and no gluten just for kids.

AND, we’ve hidden up to 30% Veggies in them.

As added motivation, we’ve enlisted the pups from PAW Patrol to help convince those little angels to just…please..finish…their….dinner!!

Above all – we’re passionate about turning dinner time into a fun, healthy and EASY experience for ‘pawrents’ and kids.



Sadly, at the end of August you’ll no longer be able to find our Paw Patrol Kids Range at your local Coles. We are currently finalising a new stockist and will have an update shortly.

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Many thanks for your support, we truly appreciate it.

James Madden, Managing Director, Flinders + Co



Flinders + Co. Kids range was designed BY parents FOR parents, with the little ones in mind. 

Our range combines healthy, delicious protein options with convenience and ease.

Our products are packed with tasty hidden vegetables and contain 20% less sodium than the standard supermarket BBQ sausage.*

Pawesome Healthy Metballs

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Pawesome Healthy Beef Sausages

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Pawesome Chicken & Cheese Snags

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How to cook



As parents we know that finding healthy, tasty protein options that kids love to eat can be difficult.

That’s how the Flinders + Co. Kids range came to life. We want to make it easier and simpler for pawrents to make healthier choices for their children and bring the fun back to the dinner table.

Our goals are simple:

1. Healthy nutrition for happy kids

2. Simple and easy to prepare

3. And most importantly – empty plates at dinner time!


Our beef sausages contains 20% less sodium than the standard supermarket BBQ sausage*. Because tasty doesn’t have to mean overly salty.

Delicious vegetables

The Flinders + C0. Kids product range is packed with up to 30% of a delicious blend of carrot and cauliflower that has been 100% kid-approved by our tasting panel.

Gluten Free

Every product in the Flinders + Co. Kids range is 100% Gluten Free.


Flinders + Co. Kids Beef Sausages
  • 20% less sodium
  • Made with 30% vegies
  • Gluten Free
  • Nutritionally designed for kids
  • PAWSOME Colouring in Activity
Standard Supermarket Beef Sausages
  • 699mg of sodium per 100gr
  • No vegies
  • Contains Gluten
  • Not specially designed for kids
  • No colouring in 🙁

Colouring in competition

How to enter

Step 1.

To enter, purchase one of our Flinders + Co. Kids products online at our new stockist, to be announced shortly, via the online portal.

Step 2.

Once they’ve finished (ALL) their dinner, cut out the colouring pop up activity on the inside of the packet sleeve, and let the artistry begin!


Step 3.

Snap a photo of the coloured in pop up character, and post it to your Instagram account. Don’t forget to tag @flindersandco_kids

Step 4.

Cross all your fingers and we’ll be in touch if you are drawn as a lucky winner!


Each month we are giving away 10 PAWSOME PAW Patrol Prize Showbags!!

Follow the instructions above for your chance to WIN!

Colouring in Competition runs until 23rd Nov 2023.

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What is different about the Flinders + Co. Kids range?

Our fun healthy product range has been specifically developed for our little ones. They are tasty, lower in sodium than most other options AND are packed with hidden vegetables.

Where can I buy Flinders + Co. Kids products?

As of the end of August 2023 Coles has decided to no longer stock our Paw Patrol Kids products.

We are currently working with a new supplier and will update this site and post on our social channels when we are able to announce our new Australian stockist.

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What is the age range of the Flinders + Co. X Paw Patrol range?

Our product range is best suited to toddlers aged 1 and above.

Also, we have overheard that bigger kids (or parents) like to steal one or two bites off the little one’s  plate… and that  is encouraged!

Do you have any allergen free items in your range?

All our items are Gluten Free.


New stockists to be announced shortly