Cultivate a Better Food World

We are about more than just meat. We want to ask the hard questions and tackle the big issues. Issues of sustainability, ethics and the environment. Questions of provenance, health and humanity.


This is our creed, and we strive to live it every day.



Words aren’t enough. To achieve our vision, we must take action. Within our Four Pillars framework, there are 12 focus areas that we believe we need to work on in order to achieve our goal.

Underlying that framework is a portfolio of real projects that we believe will help us to achieve our vision. Browse through a selection of completed, current, and future projects below.

Completed Projects

Nichols Poultry 1.2.16 (Drone - High Res)-22
Carbon Neutral
Our biggest project to date, and achieved over a 12 month period. Certification of our business and every product sold.
renewable energy
Renewable Energy
As part of our Carbon Neutral audit, a switch to 100% renewable energy for our Melbourne facility was completed.

Current Projects

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Chemical Free Project
Harsh cleaning chemicals are used every day to ensure sanitization of our meat processing facility. Is there a better way?
Reuseable Crates
Cardboard is one of the biggest waste streams of our industry. How can we eliminate or reduce it?

Future Projects

Fresh beef steak for sous vide cooking, isolated on white
Plastic Reduction Project
Nearly every piece of meat in the industry arrives in a vacuum sealed bag, or plastic lined box. How can we change this?
Apprentice Support Project
A lack of new skilled staff entering the hospitality and meat industries is a problem - how can we help fix this?